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Default Bitchy Catfight with Vixen and Nina

New catfight video at Carolina Catfights Tv:


All of our catfight fans have been asking for and waiting for Nina vs Vixen to meet in a one on one catfight. Well the wait is over and all catfight fans should check out this match. Nina and Vixen did not get along at all the first time they worked together and were waiting to get there claws into each other and wanted this match. In it they engaged in a hot rough sexy fast paced "Beat your ass and sit on your beaten face Bitch" catfight. They are both sexy as hell as they rip off each others tops , torture each others naked breast and of course sit on each others pinned down face every chance they get. Nina the Hot and Spicy Latino shows her temper and Vixen shows us she is not one to mess around with. This is a true catfight fans dream come true as both of these ruthless women show you and each other their mean sides. I can not recommend this one to you enough . It is hot super sexy rough and hot from start to finish . If you loved Nina or Vixen or a great pull your hair out and smother you out catfight you have to get this. You will watch it over and over again and it will get better every time you do .

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