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Default Boyfriend's Fantasy updated to Steel Kittens

Steel Kittens Tv was updated today with a great new catfight video!

Starring Charlie "The Golden Cat", Chris, and Rochelle: Mixed / Girl-Girl Apartment

Alone in the quietness of his girlfriend's abode, Chris is indulging himself with a female wrestling publication. His thoughts of wrestling one of these beautiful women has his desires churning. Dovonna appears, with one thing in mind. She's been after him for a long time. Surprised, yet wanting to entertain his thoughts. Dovonna, so persuasively sexy, and alluringly challenging, and Chris heated up to meet the moment, reluctantly gives in. Time passes, he keeps thinking about his soon to arrive girlfriend. But lost in his fantasy of this beautiful woman of wrestling, holding him tighter than he's ever been held, smothering him in ways he's never known.

Suddenly the door opens and familiar footsteps enter in. Rochelle has come home to find her boyfriend being embraced by this temptress. Rochelle is going to destroy Dovonna. A woman's scorn takes hold of these two female hell cats, with only one directive; who will win the man they both desire? Nothing will stop these firey vixens as they rip and tear each other apart to keep their catch. Chris sits back, further gratifying himself, as he watches on in amazement. These two sex pots fighting over him have him very turned on. Who will get their man? The temptress or the sex kitten? You will feel the heated excitement, as this mixed ecstasy fires up to the vicious enticement as these two beauties get it on!!!

Visit Steel Kittens Tv today for more!
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