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First round knockout
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Default Cat Fight Memories.........

As a catfight voyeur, I’ve been fortunate enough to witness two such events (that I can recall) as they happened. Both events took place around 1978 or 1979, so please forgive any ‘haziness’ that may be present in these anecdotes….
The first (?) catfight I watched took place while I was in 6th grade (or so I recall….) Two girls in the grade below mine decided to duke it out on the field one block down from our school. As you can imagine, they were followed by about 100 of us, all yelling and egging them on.
The ‘fight’ itself was finished in about 20 seconds. In fact, I don’t recall any punches being thrown. Basically, the larger girl grasped her opponent’s hair, twisted it and forced her to the ground in a spread eagled sitting position. The one aspect I recall quite clearly was that the bottom girl was wearing a skirt that day. Needless to say, all of us boys virtually pushed each other out of the way for a peek at her white panties! J
The second (?) catfight involved two older gals. (They could have been in their teens or twenties; as I say, much of this is very hazy by now) It took place during my school’s annual street festival. There was the usual hair pulling, high pitched screaming and ‘nail work’ present at this fight, plus I remember seeing at least one of them knee her opponent once or twice. (Point of fact: There are no nuts to gouge at a catfight! The point that really stood out in my mind is the way the two of them hugged and cried on each other’s shoulders only moments later. What’s a little hair pulling/crotch kneeing between bosom buds, eh ?….
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First round knockout
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Great memories! Hazy recollections may occur to all of us after 25 years or so. Thanks for sharing them.
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