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Talking Bitchy Beach Fight: Helen vs Jessie

Hereís an interactive CATFIGHT story originally completed at a now defunct Yahoo site some years ago.

The outcome of the fight was decided by voting in a pollfight between the two of us. Helen and I posted little bits as the voting progressed.

It is primarily about wild, uncensored catfighting, unrealistic in many respects, but hot erotic as I often love to imagine. Itís PURE FANTASY & nobody really gets hurt! :-)

Hope some of you find it kinky & exciting too? If so, please comment.



by Jessika & Helen


CURRENT SCORE: Jessie = 5 ; Helen = 5

Iím wearing a small white crop top with the logo "100% BITCH!", proudly flaunting my bare tanned belly, a pair ultra low, stretch jeans, and sneakers. At my back, my white, lacy g-string peeks out from my tight jeans with the words "Cheeky". I really enjoyed flirting with the crowd and showing off my superb body.

A crowd has already gathered on the beachfront where I was going to have it out with the leader of a rival girlsí gang, Helen, who had challenged me to a domination fight. The loser would become the winnerís slave, and would become leader of that gang too.

Outweighing the younger bitch Helen, and several inches taller, I was confident, that I could beat and destroy her. What is more, I was more experienced and entirely ruthless, prepared to fight dirty if necessary. I was really looking forward to humiliating and destroying the arrogant little bitch in front of everyone! The thought of stripping her naked and making her my slave in front of everyone, already had my nipples hard and my pussy moist.

Helen soon arrives, dressed in a red crop top and tight fitting jeans. Soon we are circling each other, shouting obscenities to each other: "BITCH! CUNT! SLUT!"

Then Helen tries to land a punch with her right hand to my face, but I duck easily, slamming in a vicious blow to her gut .... relishing the OOOMMPH as she exhaled ... and quickly follow it up with a kick to her left leg, sending her sprawling ungainly ... her eyes rolled in head a little ...

I smile tauntingly, and she comes at my furiously, shrieking, her face contorted in rage ... and we clash, both falling .... and rolling over and over ... exchanging blows and kicks and scratches ...




I stand in the shade of the little beach-guard shack and watch the
crowd gather slowly as the time of the fight draws closer. That cow
Jessie is walking up the beach from her side seemingly alone. I wait a
few minutes until my girls report she actually is alone. I send them
on guard, reminding them they are not to interfere and keep out of
side best they can.

Then I pick up one of the rescue-boards and walk
down to the excited crowd. Walking down closer to the waters edge I
can see over the top of their heads. Hardly any of them reaching up to
my almost 6 feet of lean and well tanned height. I can feel the
triangle of wet tan-line-free fabric ride up the crack of my ass
underneath the faded blue of my jeans shorts as I walk consciously
swaying my hips. My read brassiere fitting so tight its broad elastic
seam leaves a finely textured imprint on my skin, my breasts moving
comfortably moving underneath it. My stomach feeling the welcome touch
of the sun on tanned flawless skin, the little silver ring inside my
belly button catching the light beautifully. I watch the girl I sent
down there as a decoy circle Jessie. Gosh I can tell the lines in her
face from here. Yes she very much likes to think herself more
experienced. And I think she is right.

After all I had hardly half the
time to gather it in. (I smile dirtily) Janie wheezes under a punch to
the gut and soon both girls are in the sand rolling, punching,
kicking. Teh girl is hardly my weight, not to mention her opponents.
Well, she was under command not to start fighting. I just wanted to be
sure there were no tricks involved before we started. I push my way
through the crowd. I walk right up to the coiled up fighters and wait
until they look up at me. "Let the girl go wannabe bitch! And weíll
settle the fighting amongst us women."

I am quite impressed, Jessie is actually surprised enough not to say a
thing. She just gets up and we both watch Janie walk away. I feel a
pang of guilt as I see her hold her stomach looking a little pale. As
I want to turn back to my opponent I realise I have been thinking a
second too long. I jerk my head back as I feel the air touch my face.
Iím quick but not quick enough and Jessies bare fist hits my jaw
spinning me half around before I catch myself. I just about dodge her
follow up punch and duck underneath her arm getting behind her,
feeling the wind in my mouse-brown hair as I send them flying whirling
around to face her again. She might be older than me but she knows her
stuff well, the moment I turn around she is already moving, spinning
into a kick.

I get my defence up just in time and let the impact spin
me around in turn delivering a kick to her stomach which hits her hip
instead as she tries to twist aside. We both take a step back facing
each other. Measuring each other up again. As I had already known she
was shorter than me but had the advantage in weight. And it was no
excess weight by far. We were both equally fit by the looks of it but
I was the leaner part, while her experience and casualness were
obvious. Well I have had my history of fighting too. Weíll see. With
that thought I hurl the life-board towards her pulling the string at
the last moment causing the board to turn, hitting her full into her
pretty, if aged, face. Then I pull the string back. This is going to
be fun...


CURRENT SCORE Jessie = 12; Helen = 8

"AAAIIEE!!!" ... "You BITCH!,", I yell instinctively, touching my face, feeling a little blood trickle down my cheek. The sudden, sharp pain that flashed through me as the surfboard connected with my face, angered me ... I knew I wasnít born yesterday, but was still proud of my looks ... and any assault on my appearance was totally infuriating ... the arrogant bitch was going to pay!

"Did that hurt, COW? Tch, tch ... a little remodelling of your looks could do wonders for you ... HEH, HEH", Helen taunts smilingly as we warily circle each other.

Again Helen tries to hurl the surfboard at me, but this time, Iím ready for her. With lightning speed, I duck and grab hold of the board, yanking it hard towards me. Not having a chance to release the string, Helen is propelled fast towards me ... SMACK! CRUNCH! ... into the hard under sole of the Nike sneaker of my outstretched and raised right leg ... which catches her full in the face. She moans and staggers back a bit, releases the string, and clutches her bust nose, blood trickling through her fingers.

Before she can react, I follow up my slight advantage and smash down the surfboard as hard as I can on top of her mouse-brown hair; so hard that it breaks in two. Helen collapses onto her knees, staring dazed up at me ... surprised by the viciousness of my attack. Without giving the taller, younger slut a chance to recover, I bring my jean clad knee up viciously under her chin, causing her head to snap back. Screaming in pain, she falls backwards into the sand, legs and arms splayed ... giving everyone a glimpse of her tan-line-free thong beneath her jean shorts ...

She looks up at me dazed, but still furious like a cornered wildcat ... as I slowly advance to stand legs spread, arms in hips above her ... her eyes trailing up my long muscular legs, encased tightly in my skintight blue jeans making a V at my crotch ... to my round, size C tits, and the obvious pin pricks of my hardening nipples ... Nothing is more enjoyable ... arousing than teaching a bitch like Helen a brutal lesson. "Get up, you f***ing slut! Iím not finished with you yet!"
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Jessie 12 : Helen 8

"Not through with me yet?!" The nerve of the bitch! I grit my teeth
and try to stand. The pain in my head rips through my entire body. I
reach up to where the board has hit me not sure which it was that
split. My fingers touching moisture, my lips already coated in blood
from my nose. The bruise in my face from her knuckle, heel and knees
burning badly. I push myself up with one hand in teh sand and get to
my feet. "YOU..", my word is cut off as she slaps me quick and hard,
spinning into a full turn. Momentarily startled by the impact, the
burning sensation setting in in the same moment as the question in my
mind. Slap me? Why would she just sla... Then the kick hits me. The
blasted bitch did want to shock me without pushing me back, the air
leaves my lungs with a wheezing sound as her heel digs even deeper
into my firm stomach. I stumble backwards for one step before my legs
give underneath me and I land onto my knees, my denim clad ass
brushing against the naked legs and feet of the crowd behind me.

I blink rapidly trying to clear my eyes from blood and swallow heavily
trying to get rid of the bile in my mouth. There has to be a way out,
I think desperately. I cant lose, not like this. I feel the touch of
her sneakers on my shoulder. "Enough already BITCH?!"

Then she sets her foot down. I jerk myself forwards and drop my knee
right onto her foot hoping to pin her in place for a moment. Then I
gather all my remaining strength and punch upwards in an perfect
uppercut, right into her jeans clad crotch. Without waiting for a
reaction I turn sideways twisting around as far as I can and recoil,
smashing my elbow hard against her knee. I hear her scream in pain but
know it wasnít hard enough to leave any lasting damage. Frustration
burning on my face I reach up gripping her skimpy lil top pulling her
down as I throw myself backwards, bringing my feet up pushing them
into her stomach propelling her up and behind me, letting go of her as
I roll over my back and land on my knees turning towards her.


CURRENT POLL: Jessie = 13: Helen = 9.

"OOOWWWW!", I yelp momentarily like a schoolgirl, as Helenís kick impacts into my crotch. A sickening pain briefly rushes through me, even though my tight jeans softened the impact and the kick was not directly on my sensitive vulva, but only glancing it, with the main impact concentrated on my inner thigh. Before I can recover, she sends me flying over her to land with a hard thump on my lower back, causing me to groan involuntarily. I was now keenly aware that I was facing an opponent, equally tough and merciless as myself.

The right sleeve of crop top is torn, with the tear stretching partially across the "100% BITCH!" logo on my ample chest, exposing the swell of the upper part of my right breast, rising and falling as I breathe in and out rapidly from the exertion. sh*t!!! My designer top is ruined! The bitch is gonna pay ... Iím going to strip the f***ing slut naked, rip out her shining belly ring for myself, and then humiliate and dominate her in front of everyone!

Our positions of a little while ago is now reversed with me sprawled and Helen towering above me, standing with legs spread apart wide enough, so I can again just glimpse her turquoise tan-through thong peeking out under her shorts. HMMM? That was going to make such a lovely trophy! Some thing cute and sexy to add to my own bikini and thong collection!

Then Helen rushes forward, yelling: "Take that, BITCH!", and tries to stomp me hard in my stomach, but I throw a handful of sand in her eyes, and manage to roll away quickly, and get to my feet. Noticing that the taller, younger bitch was still desperately trying to rub the sand from her tear-filled eyes, I lash out with my fist, and plant it square into Helenís bare, unflexed belly.

"OOOOOOhhhhfffuu!" is the only thing that escapes Helenís lips as she bends over double from the blow, all the wind knocked out of her. "My turn now, you bloody trollop!", I scream, and hit her jaw with another hammering right. Helen goes down on her back hard, her mind a fuzz ball that is barely working at all, her stomach and her jaw nerves screaming in pain, her eyes rolling back. I grab Helenís ankles, yelling: "Iím going to kick your ass all the way over the beach!", pushing her ankles toward her head, and deliver a kick to her raised ass. Helen screams as my Nike sneaker hammers her butt cheeks, each kick leaving a bruise. Damn, how I now wish I instead had my steel-toed boots on!

"Not so tough now, are you slut?", I taunt, and I drive the heel of my Nike hard into her exposed crotch, grinding it a bit. Itís music to my ears as Helen shrieks and squirms in agony, sits up, screaming, her cunt obviously squealing in agony. Little swells of cruel pleasure course through me at the pain Iím obviously inflicting.

"Liked that, uh?," I ask mockingly. "Have some more, TART!" and again I drive my heel into Helenís sore cunt, bringing forth screamed cuss words, and tears of pain start to stream from her eyes. Her definitely not swim-resistant mascara starts making dark streaks below her rolling eyes. "Cry all you want, you long-legged sh*t," I taunt. "But I have a long way to go before I am through with you!"


Helen/Jessie (9/15)

Pain! Incredible Pain rips through my body with each impact of her
foot. Coarse sand rubs against my entire face, clinging to my mouth
and nose with sticky moisture. Barely able to breathe as each kick
pushes my face through the sand, clumps of wet grains clogging my
nose. My lips burning with being dragged across the sand. Sand in my
mouth, my breath pushed out of my body with a shamefully wheezing
noise as kick after kick bruises my pussy. A sick crunching noise
making me panic that my pubic bone might be shattering. Unable to
think coherently for more than the time in between each of her kicks.
I lash aimlessly out with one hand, clawing at the sand.

Water washes around my fingers. I canít let her get me into the water! A sudden
kick to my side lifts me off the sand. I roll screaming onto my side.
Try to move along with her I think. Trying to roll with her kicks,
trying to find a opening, a chance. My vision starting to blur.
Mascara, tears, blood and sand marking my face. I look up. She has
stopped kicking me.

I look up further my eyes trying to focus as they
pass her glistening thighs. The sunlight gives a golden glow to the
flesh of her half exposed breast. I wish I could rip the rest of that
stupid shirt off her body and trample her worn out tits into oblivion.
She actually just stands there looking at me. Revelling in my pain and
defeat. Defeat! Not yet! I just canít give up.

The slut sneers at me then spits into my face. For a moment I wonder which is worse, that or the kicks. Then her sneakers smash into my face flipping me over.
Now I know which is worse. I desperately roll over again her next kick
just scraping my shoulder. Water wells up around me. She steps towards
me and kicks again I desperately try to grip her leg. Trying to think
feverishly... I need to get out into the dry.


CURRENT POLL: Jessie = 17; Helen = 9

With growing delight, and mounting pleasure, I feel myself slowly gaining ascendancy over my hated opponent, Helen. The taller, younger bitch was clearly beginning to regret having challenged me! I feel myself getting more and more turned on; enjoying the cruel, vicious punishment I was slowly dishing out to the arrogant slut! The familiar horny ache in my loins for erotic, wet release is growing rapidly!

With each kick and blow, I feel her resistance crumbling; though still sheís still yelling and shouting obscenities at me, and gamely trying to land blows and kicks of her own. But most of them I avoid and those that land are rather ineffectual.

Finally, kicking the bitch over and over again ... Helen, trying futilely to crawl away over the golden sand, to try and gather her strength and wits ... eventually lands up in the shallows of the surf ... I follow closely behind her ... I grab her with my left hand by her mouse-brown hair ... bedraggled from the sea-water ... I purse my lips, in a mock kiss and lift her up a little ... she tries to protect her face, realising what was coming next ... then I smash my right fist viciously into her face again ... SMACK! CRUNCH! "Take that, you BITCH!!!"
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UUUNGGH!! Her body flies backwards like a limp doll, falling with a huge splash of spray and seawater in the shallows ... Feeling myself suddenly slowed down and sluggish with my waterlogged sneakers, I quickly slip them off and toss them to my girlfriend and lover, Emma ... Meanwhile, Helen has managed to rise and raises her fists as I approach ... determined to keep my advantage, I move in quickly, stabbing with my left ... but missing, as Helen ducks below it, punching me in my belly, making a loud wet thud, but fortunately not hard. Immediately, I retaliate with a left to her ample right breast, tightly encased in her red swimbra, hitting it flush on the nipple, flattening her soft, tit flesh against her ribcage ....

OOOMPPH!! She gasps, the whites of her eyes showing as they roll in panic ... her face contorting ... I reach forward, gripping the clasp tightly between her two dangling tits ... and pull viciously ... and with a ripping sound it tore loose and slipping of her shoulders and arms ... her large orbs jiggling and wobbling wildly as theyíre suddenly freed from her writhing body ... her large pink nipples like cherries atop the little white ... vanilla ice-cream ... spherical triangles formed by the cups of her swimbra cups ... which were clearly not tanthrough like her turquoise thong ...

Obviously embarrassed, Helenís hands rose instinctively to cover her bare tits from the leer and jeers of the increasingly boisterous crowd. I snarled at her mockingly: "Now, now ... arenít you a little coy? You f***ing TROLLOP!"

The crowd was now really getting into it, some shouting encouragement for me, "Rip her tits off, Jess!", while others were shouting worriedly: "Come on, Helen! ... You can beat the old hag!"

Feeling my own nipples harden, and wanting to burst free themselves ... I triumphantly swing my first trophy over my head like lassoe ... before tossing it nonchalantly to a broadly smiling Emma ... who was obviously enjoying it too!

The next thing I knew, Helen had hurled herself forward in desperation, tackling me around the ankles. Falling back, both of us sprawled with another splash into the swirling surf, the salty water burning a little on our cuts. We claw at each other, scratching bare flesh as we roll over and over in the shallow breakers and foam. We grab each otherís hair pulling and yanking ... and succeeding in yanking clumps of hair from each otherís scalp.

Spluttering, with seawater in our nostrils and eyes burning, both of us eventually struggle to our feet, still gripping each otherís hair. Then I drop my hands, and thrust them viciously towards the honey tanned curves of her voluptuous breasts, digging my nails deep into the soft, white, untanned triangular flesh around her erect nipples. "OOOWWW!", Helen yelps.

Then I drop to one knee and bring the younger womanís crotch slamming down upon my other knee. I release the squealing bitch and she falls forward into the shallow surf cradling her cunt in her hands, moaning softly. A lot of men on the beach already had their cocks in their hands, stroking themselves, and apart from Emma, some other women had their hands in their jeans or under their skirts or blouses. "Hmm, maybe I should have the men f**k her in a proper gang bang once Iím done with her", I thought wickedly. I smiled cruelly at the thought ... knowing full well as a lezzy myself that nothing would be as humiliating as the thrusting of a multitude of hungry, hard male cocks in Helenís virginal lesbian cunt!

I kicked Helen swiftly in the back, and again, and again. TAKE THAT, BITCH! YOUíRE NOTHING BUT A STREET WHORE!" Next I climbed aboard her, pushing her bare tits down into the swirling froth and onto the gritty wet sand, and put my vaguely struggling victim into a full nelson, lifting her head just above the water. I snarl into Helenís ear: ďIíM GONNA f**k YOUR LIGHTS OUT AND MAKE YOU MY SLAVE-BITCH!Ē I increase the pressure, and Helen struggles feebly. HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH? DO YOU GIVE IN? The force of my full nelson, preceded by her cuntís one-way trip to my outstretched knee seriously wounded her. But was she completely out yet?


Jessie 18, Helen (still) 9!

I claw weakly at the arm that strangles me. Normally I would shred her
puny arm into a mess of flesh and blood but with lights dancing in
front of my eyes. The salt of the sea burning on my battered, bruised,
and swollen face, I only do minor damage. I feel wetness soak my
bikini-bottoms and cling to my pussy and the inside of my thighs. For
a terrible moment I am not sure what it is. Water? Blood? Or else..?

I hear her questions. Her taunts. I do not wish to answer. And I cant.
No air. The water so close, it burns in my eyes.

I force myself to let go of her arms and press my hands against the
sandy ground. Pushing myself up, finally my feet find purchase on the
ground. My hands touch something hard. A shell? I grip it and push
myself forward with both feet. Mobilising all my remaining strenght,
wondering if I will manage to push her over, or at least leave the
water. With barely any possibilitie to consciously think I bring my
right arm up holding the thing I hope is a shell, edge forward, aiming
roughly, for her head...
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CURRENT POLL: Jessie = 19; Helen = 10

Out of the corner of my eye, I see Helenís blow with the seashell to my head approaching, and am able to duck, though it still catches me with a slight glancing cut to my other unharmed cheek. "sh*t!!!", I shriek, my hands going up instinctively to the bloody cut, and thus loosening my wrestling grip on the struggling bitch underneath me.

At the same, she bucks and writhes her body wildly, causing me to fall backwards with a splash into the surf. I rise quickly, oblivious to the fact that my right breast had now completely popped out of my ruined top, determined to finish off the impudent slut once and for all. I see Helen crawling on hands on knees away to the dry sand ... "HUH? Trying to get away, BITCH?", I taunt and move towards her rapidly.

I grab a beach towel and slip it over her neck, tightening it like a noose ... relishing her gargling and gasping ... struggling for breath, and slip my jeanclad legs over her back to mount her like a horse ... my pussy rubbing pleasurably onto her naked wet back ... HMM? That felt SOO GOOD! Mockingly, I say, spanking her muscular buttocks hard through her wet shorts with my free hand: "Come on, Helen ... gallop and prance a little for us ... TEE HEE!"


Helen 12 : Jessie 19 (grrr.. I guess I have to admit defeat)

My cheeks burn with anger and shame as I step not like the goddess of
beauty out of the foam of the waves, but actually crawl out of the
water, dripping and drenched on all fours with my face crimson and
battered, the towel around my neck threatening to crush my windpipe.
My entire body hurts and drips with blood, or water, or both. My hair
sodden and in disarray, sand and seaweed tangled in the once beautiful
strands. But worst of all I can still distinctly feel Jessieís wet hot
cunt press against my back, even through her shorts. Or do I imagine
the wetness and heat? I know she enjoys it. I watch the crowd cheer as
she leads me out onto the sand. I want to bury my face in the sand but
she wont even let me lower it. Digging her heels into my side so hard
I grunt. The crowd cheering her on to do unspeakable things to me. I
try to buck her off to rise, but there is no strength left in my well
bruised body. My arms and legs shake under me. My cunt feels like her
kicks have split it open. Warm moisture running down my thighs. I
reach for the towel with one hand trying to dig my fingers in between
my throat and the towel ...


FINAL POLL Jessie = 19; Helen = 11

With my hot pussy pressing hard into Helenís writhing back, riding her like a wild cowgirl, I strained as I leaned forward and pulled hard on the towel. Helen gasped as the pressure increased on her neck, and bucked and wiggled as she tried to unseat me, but the helpless bitch couldnít do it. I held on firmly and kept the towel tightly in place.

I yelled out, " Do you want me to totally beat the crap out of you? ... Or do you give? Say it, bitch!"

Helen whispered, hardly audible, still defiantly, "f**k off!"

I just leaned in a little more, and generated a wheezing moan from the struggling slut.

Again I asked: "Do you give?"

Helen finally relented, moaning faintly: "Yesss."

I released the towel, and got off Helenís back, giving her a kick in her midriff .... OOOMPH!!! ... causing her to again fall down into the sand.

Raising my hands triumphantly in the air, I walk around the defeated bitch, ... feeling like a conquering Valkyrie or Amazon ... soaking in the cheers of my supporters, and relishing the clearly evident frustration on the faces of Helenís supporters ... knowing that theyíd really wanted to see me defeated and humiliated instead. But now their fighter lay panting and hurt.

Oblivious to my right breast hanging out, relishing the adrenaline rush, I felt myself so sexually excited that I walked over to Emma, and gave her a long passionate kiss. Our tongues entwining, feeling each otherís hard nipples thrusting proudly, we embraced passionately. "Golly, Iím so proud of you, Jess ... Iím so darn hot & moist now", Emma whispered.

However, my preoccupation with Emma had allowed Helen the
chance to stagger up. While I was still kissing and fondling Emmaís body, Helen suddenly lunged at my legs and took me down ... sprawling into the sand. Emma yelped and moved away, while the bitch Helen held my legs apart wide and dropped
her knee towards my jean clad pussy ... but at the last moment I managed to twist my body out off the way and she connected sideways with my hip bone. I felt a numbing pain, but fortunately not disabling.

Helen sneered and next went for an elbow drop to my belly, but I rolled away quickly before she hit. I then grabbed the tall, young bitch by the hair and then slammed her down into the sand with a bodyslam. Next I lifted my hated rival up again and hoisted
her to her feet. I got Helen in a headlock and ran with her headfirst into the BayWatch lifesaver tower, causing renewed bleeding from her mouth and nose. She staggered back limp, her head flopping from side to side, her eyes glazing over.

The bone-jarring force of the impact nearly put the bitch out cold. I moved forward quickly, bent over, and cruelly ripped the belly ring from her heaving stomach. Helenís body contorted and screamed terribly while I casually tossed the shiny silver ring to Emma: "Here love, itíll look so beautiful and sexy on you!"

Next I hoisted up the semi-conscious girl and clamped her a vicious bearhug, hugging her to my body as hard as I could to force the breathe from her body, our breasts pressed hard into each otherís. I held the bearhug for a while, until I was sure Iíd drained all the energy from my enemy.

Again I lifted the limp, unresisting Helen up and then dropped her down onto
my own extended knee. Barely conscious, Helen mumbled in pain, again clutching her aching pussy as she rolled on the sand.

I held the moaning bitch down with my left hand and knees, as I hammered her with a flurry of right hand punches to her face, tits and crotch ... Helen tried to struggle and get free, but it was no use. She was too weak ... and after another flurry of blows Helen was out cold.

With cheering, boisterous crowd following, I grabbed her by the arms and dragged her limp body to the little platform underneath the lifesaver tower, her heels dragging two parallel lines in the golden sand. I threw her down unceremoniously on the wooden planks, her large, naked breasts jiggling like jello, her nipples red from my multiple blows. I smiled wryly as I saw a little blood trickling from the wound where her belly ring had been.

I unfastened the unmoving bitchís jean shorts and pulled them off her legs. A number of men already had their swimming trunks down to their knees, and their cocks sprang to attention, as they glimpsed the gleaming slit of her puffed, swollen cunt just visible through her wet, tan-through thong. Using her own ripped shorts and torn red bra, I tied her hands to two of the corners of the platform.

An audible .... OOOHHH! ... went up from the crowd as I then deliberately slowly ... smiling mockingly ... almost like a slow motion strip-tease pulled off her thong ... then tossed it to my lover ... I was really going to enjoy wearing her thong, and each time it would remind me of my glorious victory ... Next I spread her legs wide and tied her legs with some lifesaving rope to the other two corners. Her cunt was now crudely exposed to the stare of everyone ... her pussy lips swollen and bruised ... her battered clit clearly visible at the top of her oozing slit ... I smiled cruelly as I saw people jostling for better views, pointing, and jeering.

Tch, tch, I sighed as I examined her spread crotch more closely, and noticed that the vain trollop was completely shaven ... a pity ... I would really have liked to take some cunt hair as a trophy of my victory to mount over my fireplace with the clumps of pussy hair from my other victories... Giggle ... but then I remembered, she was going to be my obedient sexslave for life! ... Tee Hee! ... So I can always wait until it grew back!



Having stripped and tied up the still unconscious bitch, I gestured to Emma to switch on "Simply the Best!" by Tina Turner, and as the music blared through the loud speakers across the beach, I started gyrating my body, swaying my hips in tune. Slowly dancing around the prone unmoving body of Helen, I removed my tattered top so that my full 36D breasts spilled out ... I closed my eyes, giving myself over to the loud music ... pulsing through my veins ... and gently stroked my breasts, teasing my own nipples so that they grew hard and erect, flushed rosy with my horny need ... me the proud, towering victor, and Helen the sprawled loser ...
[img]Helen Defeated[/img]
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Then I reached down and still moving and dancing to the music, I deliberately and slowly ... one after the other, teasingly unbuttoned my jeans ... until the last button was undone and its two flaps gaped open showing the top of my white, lacy thong ... the top of my small auburn triangle clearly visible through the seawater logged material ... continuing to gyrate, I enjoyed flashing myself to the noisy crowd.

Licking my lips deliberately, and moaning teasingly, I dipped my right hand into the splayed opening of my jeans and ran it over my lace covered mons a few times ... my index finger just delving, teasing a little lower ... as if I was masturbating myself ... getting hornier and more turned on as I played with myself in front of the watching men and women ... aware of camera flashes already going off ... and smiling when I saw a couple of camcorders come out too ... this was SO COOL!!!

Then I pulled off my jeans completely ... moving my hands sensuously over my body ... touching and teasing myself with feather like strokes of my fingertips ... and like a professional stripper proceeded to raunchily tease the raving crowd who were starting to shout and chant: "Take it off! Take it off!". Twirling around, snaking my legs around one of the metal poles of the stand, I slide up and down ... moaning and groaning as if it was f***ing me ... and then moving to the middle, bending over, shaking, twisting and flashing my round derriere ... bisected by my almost transparent thong ... running both hands over the ample curves of my buttocks, my large tits dangling and swinging in tune to the music and wild, raucous applause of the crowd below ...

Then as the song reached its finale ... I stood upright again and stopped and stood deadstill as if frozen for a moment ... and as the last note played, I slipped off my thong and stepped out in a one quick movement ... mockingly covering up my mons with my right hand and my left hand cupped across my right breast ... pursing my lips, playfully pretending to be modest and embarrassed by my nudity ....

Helen by now was starting to stir and moan ... her head moving a little from side to side ... it was time for the bitch to wake!!! And to be punished and humiliated!!!

Removing my hands, smiling broadly, I raised them above my head in a victory gesture with clenched fists, and quickly paraded in a full circle around the stirring bitch ... flashing my naked, shaved cunt between my long muscular legs surmounted by my neatly trimmed triangle of soft, curly hair ...

I looked over to Helenís limp, defeated body .., naked and wet.. bruised and glistening .. her eyes still closed, but her eyelids are starting to flutter as she slowly awoke ... Her sex was still soaking wet .. widely displayed ... I smile as I look down at her... Then I kneel next to her, and move my hand gently over her bruised tits, suddenly seizing her right nipple between my nails, and start twisting it left and right... She groaned and twisted in reflex, but didnít awake.

"Tch, tch ... " I mutter and smirk loudly, "The arrogant piece of trash though she could beat me!" With that I thrust my fingers deep into Helenís exposed pussy, her pelvis jerking in response. But still sheís not fully conscious. I smile mischievously down at Helen, kissing her briefly on the mouth. Spreading open my cunt, I wet my finger with my juices, and traced it across Helenís lips and tongue. Reaching down again between Helenís legs I put two fingers inside my pet and casually started finger f***ing her. Despite her unconscious state Helenís body betrayed her, her nipples hardening, her areola swelling and her cunt wetting.

Seizing the limp Helen by the hair I forced her head back and straddled her, a leg either side of her face, my fingers still working in her cunt. Then I forced open the trapped bitchís mouth and from the urethral opening below my aroused clit, I released a heavy stream of warm piss into the waiting mouth. That did the trick!!! I quickly cut off the flow of piss by tensing my pelvic and cunt muscles as if I was turning off a tap. Spluttering and gargling, Helen awoke with horror and revulsion etched on her face as she realised what Iíd just done. "TEE HEE!", I giggle, "Hey, it looks like youíre thirsty? ... losing does do that to one! ... TEE HEE!"

Then I released some more steaming yellow piss, quivering in wicked delight as the gushing stream of hot liquid titillated my swollen, horny clit ... "NO, NO, NO ... PLEASE ... gargle, gargle!", Helen mumbled, while I giggled sadistically: "Tee hee, Careful, dear, Iím sure you donít want to spill any."

After wiping my pussy dry on the defenceless face of my victim, I strapped on a dildo and knelt between her legs. There was no foreplay, I just eased the dildo past Helenís bruised pussy lips into her wet entrance and rammed it home in one action. Helenís body shook with pain at the violent intrusion. "NO, NO ... please ... NO!", the bound bitch yelped: "AAAAIIEE!". As I raped Helen furiously, I screamed: "Youíre completely finished ... destroyed ... and Iím the better woman!" The violence of my thrusts jerked Helenís body around like a puppet, the harness rubbing my aroused clit furiously with each thrust. My tirade of pent-up hate trailed off into soft murmurings as I orgasmed: "OOOHH! ... OH, OH, YEAH. ... YEAH, YEAH!!!!"

I unstrapped the dildo and tossed it to the eager Emma, her eyes alight with lust, saying: "Yours, my love!"

Emma quickly stripped, revealing a voluptuous body looking far younger than her actual age: her tits still in that firm conical shape of a young teenager, her cunt shave completely bare of hair. Innocent she looked, innocent she certainly was not. Using one hand she finger f**ked the squirming and whimpering Helen for a while, her other stretched Helenís pucker hole widening it, preparing it for the assault to come. Covering the dildo with Helenís juices, and forcing Helen to lick it as well until it shone with slickness, she maneuvered the tip into her victimís arse. "NO, NOOO! ... No, PLEASE, I BEG ... NOT THERE!" But Helenís pleas were futile and were suddenly cut off, as I smothered her face and mouth with my steaming, slippery cunt and commanded: "Lick me, bitch ... tease my clit with your tongue!"

Not surprisingly there was strong resistance as the dildo was large even for a cunt. Reaching around Emma found Helenís clit and viciously squeezed and scratched it with her long fingernails. The resulting pain in her aching, abused clit distracted Helenís body and enabled Emma to triumphantly force the dildo past the sphincter muscle and embed it fully into Helen. Systematically and calmly she started f***ing the writhing womanís arse, clinically observing the angles hat caused the most pain. Withdrawing, she replaced her strap on with an even larger one and f**ked her distended arse using the angles that caused the greatest pain, her hands pulling Helenís arse apart so she could achieve even greater penetration.

Meanwhile, the reluctant ministrations of the trapped bitchís tongue was driving me wild ... her tongue moved up and down along the oozing inner rim of my slit, slithering every now and again over my quivering clit ... which felt rigid, swollen and large like a manís cock ... I felt my pelvic muscles tensing and releasing ... unbearably increasing the pressure and pleasure on my fleshy knob ... ripples of erotic tension coursing through my lower body ... causing me to start gyrating my cunt more and more wildly into the defeated trollopís face ... until finally, I came ... in a wild, quivering avalanche ... my sex juices gushing over her mouth, nose and eyes ... as I heard Emma cry her release as well.

As the crescendo of our orgasms died down, we stood up and asked: "Whose next?", and a former victim of Helen called Anna came forward excitedly.

"Remember, me, BITCH? HUH? ... Payback time!", Anna grinned and goaded as Helen struggled feebly. Anna preferred to use her fist to humiliate the sprawled bitch and declined the strap on. She worked on Helenís cunt ... whose body writhed and struggled in vain to release her from her bonds ... easing her fingers, palm and then thumb into her. She clearly was an expert in working her fist into a cunt. Quickly she managed to bury half her forearm into the yelping, screaming Helen, and fist f**ked her as she manually brought herself to orgasm.

Next came Jenny, the second in command of Helenís old gang, from whom Helen had taken over the leadership. She shoved the strap-on deep into Helenís mouth and f**ked her with it while she also buried her fist into Helenís stretched and abused cunt. "AAAAIIEE!!! ... NO!! NO MORE ... PLEASE!!!!", Helen moaned and sobbed helplessly, tears of pain and utter humiliation flowing down her cheeks. The proud arrogance all gone now! Meanwhile Anna knelt below Jenny, licking her copiously creaming pussy. With her other fingers, Jenny now twisted and mauled Helenís nipples until they were raw and bloody.
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Finally, the two girls stood back ... and I moved forward again, brandishing three little rings with chains and a little silver dogtag below, engraved with the words "JESSIEíS SLUTBITCH". Helen moaned and protested, and her tearfilled eyes rolled in fright as she realised what was coming next as I showed them to the rowdy crowd below. Straddling her stomach, I whispered: "This is to show the world that youíre now my slut and slave forever ... BITCH!", and then forced first the one and then the other straight through the already bloody nipples of Helen. Then I spread her cunt lips wide, and teased her rising clit free, and adorning it in the same way with my ring and dogtag. She screamed loudly, and thrashed feebly, cursing: "You f***ing, horrible, nasty bitch ... AAAARGGH!!!" Shrieking pain and utter humiliation at this final indignity, Helen passed out again, while I casually and cruelly tugged her clitoral dogtag a little to check if it was securely attached.

Smiling victoriously, I stood up, and noticed the sullen faces of two of Helenís male supporters... their rigid cocks standing to attention ... A wild, wicked, utterly depraved thought entered my mind ... and I walked over to them, stopping, folding my arms, and spreading my legs wide, knowing full well they were getting a good view of my dripping sex. Sneering, I said crudely: "Tch, tch ... sorry, boys ... (touching myself teasingly between my legs) ... I know you wouldíve liked to have ME lying there defeated and destroyed ... but if you really want a taste of lesbian pussy ... SHEís all yours!"

"Come let me assist you!", I smile mockingly and reach down to stroke Red Manusís cock, which immediately starts to dance with eagerness. Gripping his rockhard dick, I pull him onto the life-saver platform and lead him to Helenís prostrate form. Again mounting her face, facing her spread groin, I start to stroke him ... while my other hand pull Helenís sex wide ... exposing fully to his male gaze her most intimate and private of places. "Go on, Red Manus! Screw the useless bitch!"

With that I inserted his 9 inch shaft into Helenís sex and Red Manus gave her limp body an unkind and brutal thrust that made her body arch in response to the force and her face pushed up into my wet and oozing sex. The thrust is so deep .. so filling that Helen wakens, and gasps in shock and horror! "Do her!," I cry out cruelly .. one hand stroking myself as I ride atop the pinned bitchís face..."Do her HARD!" Helenís wide eyes stare upwards at my victorious sex ... how it glistens in pleasure... at the pleasure of HER defeat and ultimate humiliation and surrender!

Giving a whimpering groan and shudder, Helen slips into unconsciousness again, as Red Manus starts f***ing her hard and deep, her limp body rocking and forth, her tits jiggling and flopping wildly. The poor bitch ... as a lezzie too, I can only imagine her utter disgust at being drilled so brutally with a real cock in her once pristine pussy ... and a ripple of sadistic delight coursed through my lower belly and crotch ... my nipples burning hard in response so that I start rubbing them gently in little circles. Red Manus eventually fills Helen so completely that she overflows with his seed while my liquid pleasure covers her face. Meanwhile, I untie one of Helenís arms and was using her hand to tease my victorious and throbbing pussy, her limp fingers sliding in and out of me, as Red Manus pounds again and again, deep into her devastated body.

As I dismount, other guys and girls are already queuing up ... cocks erect and dildoes either strapped on or in hand Ö

Victory was mine! My enemy was utterly destroyed! My sex-slave for life to abuse and use as I please!
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In case, some readers here haven't seen the below yet, please note the following announcement I posted in another section of the board:

A Catfight Poll between my daughter Trina & I and Dia & Ariel is up at The Catfight Report - Your Home for Catfights, Female Combat, Female Wrestling, and More!: This Month's Catfight Report Poll: Mother & Daughter Dual Catfight: Jessika and Trina Michaels take on Dia Zerva & Ariel from Ultimate Surrender

Come on! Get of your asses and VOTE for Trina and me to beat those two skanky, sexy sluts! Evil giggle! Winks! And post saucy comments in the chat box if you like ... shouting support for your fav's ... it would make it all the more fun and exciting for all of us ... LOL!!!

(P.S. Note that I'll be writing a naughty, erotic story based on the outcome of the Poll ... Oh yeah!)

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Default Bitchy Beach Fight

I enjoyed this story too. A lot different than A Bad Day At The Office to be sure but filled with great action once again.
It was also fun to hear both sides of the story until yo finally kicked poor Helen's ass six ways from sunday.
The long extended punishment/domination/final humiliation was exciting and arousing. Almost evil that we can enjoy your fantasy and live it along with you as you arouse the crowd, your lover Emma and all we readers.
I was reminded of some very old Joan Wise's Dominant Fighting Women that I still have on VHS & simply can't bring myself to discard.
A few of Tanya Kicks matches done in Canada had fights where the combatants slapped & punched each others breasts until the were red with broken blood vessels and purple with bruises. My understanding is that they heal fine in the same way that sprained ankles that are purple & blue heal, as the circulating blood clears out the discoloration.
I have to say tho that the forced piercings almost crossed the line into sadism so that part was not as exciting as the rest of the story.
I'm looking forward to reading all about how you and your beautiful daughter Trina mop up the floor with the hot, sexy pair of Dia & Ariel. I'm sick of seeing Trina being beaten & abused over at Ultimate Surrender. I really need to see her cum out on top this time.
Please keep writing and exciting your fans.
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Smile Thanks!

Originally Posted by obiwan1120 View Post
I'm looking forward to reading all about how you and your beautiful daughter Trina mop up the floor with the hot, sexy pair of Dia & Ariel. I'm sick of seeing Trina being beaten & abused over at Ultimate Surrender. I really need to see her cum out on top this time.
Thanks so much, Ob1! As the complete underdogs in our fight with Dia & Ariel ... with me as a retired, old fighter ... and Trina with lots of potential but little experience ... we are making an excellent showing so far ... and who knows, we might just make it ... a mistake or a slip on the part of Dia & Ariel ... or a lucky break for us ... and we'll indeed be delightfully MOPPING the floor with those two ... would just LOVE making them our sexy, slave sluts ... Hmmm! LOL!

P.S. Yes, I know, the forced piercings were really pushing the envelope, but Helen & I ... on the side privately discussed this ... and she felt that it suited the context and the brutality of a gangfight ... Must say she and I have been a most potent, steamy combo in the two times we worked together like this ... wildly, wickedly crazy encounters ... I really miss her!

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By the way, here's a pic that kinda fits the ending of this story pretty well, don't you think? :-)

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