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Hi, this is Sandy from California with another story about my cousin, Evelyn, and her arch-rival, Deborah. This latest incident occurred one night several weeks ago when my husband, Bob, brought over his new secretary, Becky, for dinner. She's a real dish¬ tall and slender with long blonde hair and the prettiest blue eyes.
After we finished eating, we went into the living room for coffee and dessert. A few minutes later, the door¬bell rang. It was my cousin, Evelyn. We introduced her to Becky and after chatting a bit, Evelyn went into the kitchen to make a phone call. A short time later the doorbell rang again. This time it was Deborah. I couldn't believe my luck! Bob and I introduced her to Becky and after a few minutes, Deborah excused herself to go into the kitchen for a glass of water. Bob and I knew the fireworks would soon begin.
Becky said Evelyn and Deborah seemed like two very nice girls. She couldn't get over how attractive they were and how long and sharp their fingernails were. I just looked at Bob and smiled.
"Well, Becky," I said,” Believe it or not, Evelyn and Deborah hate each other and use those fingernails to scratch and claw when they battle, which is quite often." At first, Becky looked somewhat dumbfounded, but then wanted to know more about their fights.
I explained to Becky that Deborah and Evelyn are arch-rivals, and that they love to fight in front of Bob and me to entertain us. At that moment, we heard raised voices coming from the kitchen.
"Why don't you see what's going on in there, Becky? II 1 said. Becky slowly walked across the living room and dining room and" peeked inside the swinging kitchen door. After several moments she came back into the living room with a smile on her face.
'What did you see?" I asked. "Well," Becky said, "those two are standing toe to toe and tit to tit, glaring into each other's faces. What do you think that means?"
"I'll tell you what it means," I smiled. "It means that Evelyn and Deborah are at it again. Would you like to see them in action, Becky?"
"Would I!" Becky gushed. I called Evelyn and Deborah out from the kitchen and told them Becky wanted to see a show. That's all they needed to hear. The two girls faced each other and started to rip off each other's blouses. When 1 glanced over at Becky, 1 noticed her eyes were wide open and 1 could tell she was getting turned on, at the prospect of two women fighting.
"I bet you she creams in her jeans," I leaned over and whispered to Bob.
Now stripped down to their bras and' panties, I ordered Evelyn and Deborah to disrobe completely. I then told them to do whatever comes naturally,
The girls stepped into each other and their tits mushroomed as they pressed together. 1 noticed Becky starting to breathe harder as Deborah and Evelyn sunk their long nails into each other's tits. I glanced down and noticed one of Becky's hands had slid to her crotch.
As 'usual, I was getting turned on by the battling fems, too. When Evelyn slid her fingers into Deborah's pussy, a turned on Becky placed her hand on my upper thigh. I glanced over at Bob and noticed his pecker raging underneath his pants. Becky and I hurriedly yanked down our jeans and panties and began fingering each other's pussies as Evelyn and Deborah did the same.
Suddenly Becky's body stiffened and I could tell she was coming. Becky and I stood up, faced each other and slid our pussies together. Becky's blonde bush and my brown bush tangled together, and we gently rubbed to several orgasms.
Evelyn and Deborah were following our lead, except that they were roughly ramming their pussies together while grabbing each other's hair, letting out grunts as their gashes collided. Their upper thighs revealed long scratch marks from their fingernail battle.
I asked Becky if she would like to order either' Deborah or Evelyn around, and she said she would. I told the girls to stop fighting and to do as Becky commanded.
Becky told Evelyn to pinch Deborah's left nipple. Evelyn obeyed. Not to be outdone, I told Deborah to do the same to Evelyn's nipple. Deb¬orah obeyed. I ordered Deborah to grab Evelyn's black cunt hair and pull. Becky told Evelyn to do the same to Deborah. Becky and 1 were cheering for our catfighting slaves as they pulled each other around the living room by their nipples and pussy hair. Bob reared back on the couch pulling his pud.
Finally we ordered Evelyn and Deborah to really beat the shit out of each other. They immediately flew at each other and started punching and clawing like alley cats. Then 1 sud¬denly felt my hair being pulled by Becky. 1 grabbed her blonde hair and we were in a fight of our own. Becky and I rolled off the couch and onto the carpet, pulling hair, grabbing tits and cursing at each other.
Meanwhile Evelyn and Deborah's catfight had turned into an all out fistfight. They were punching each other wildly in the face and tits. Finally they both simultaneously con¬nected with a solid punch and both fell in a heap to the floor,
Becky shoved her fingers up her twat and came violently. I did the same, and Bob shot his load high into the air.
Needless to say, Becky's a welcome addition to our little catfighting circle. I'll let you know what happens next between Deborah and Evelyn. -Sandy, California

Cavalier Magazine Online
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