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Default Hot Girls Wrestling for Guy

Two girls Stacy and Rachel are cheerleaders and both have interest in Shawn a college swimmer with a more than perfect body. Stacy and Rachel are both roomates at college and they are both very aware that every girl wants a piece of Shawn. So Stacy scores a date with him, however she keeps it a secret from Rachel. Today is the day of the date and Stacy couldnt be any happier. As she is getting ready in the mirror she recieves a text from Shawn saying that he cant make it tonight and that he needs a raincheck. A shriek comes from the other room, it was Rachel. Rachel comes into the bathroom and flaunts to Stacy. Stacy is more than outraged that shawn cancelled on her and made other plans with her roomate. Stacy shoves rachel and starts accusing her of stealing Shawn, however Rachel begins to push back.

"You know what Stacy, how bout this? We invite Shawn over here and we will wrestle for him and he gets to watch, because who ever wins gets him."

"Alright Bitch sounds good".

Soon enough Shawn arrives at the door and the girls are both in seperate rooms waiting to begin the fight. As shawn comes inside and sits down, waiting to see the two hot girls wrestle for him. Rachel takes one more turn in the bathroom as Stacy comes out of her room to great shawn before the fight. She reveals herself from around the corner wearing a very low cut black shirt and a short lacey white skirt. She approaches shawn and lifts his shirt up off of him. She then reaches down for his waist.

"Lets get you into something more....comfortable."

She pulls his pants down revealing a tight blue speedo with a bulge from being turned on.

"Perfect" says Stacy.

Rachel comes out of the bathroom and is wearing a pink skirt with a white shirt, also very low cut.

The girls square up and both agree to start as they clinch and begin tossing eachother back and forth. Rachel pulls on Stacy's hair as she screams from pain and slaps Rachel back on the right cheek. Rachel holds her cheek for a moment in pain and as she turns her head back to Stacy she feels a blow to her stomach making her hold her stomach in pain. Stacy then delivers a kick right to the face of Rachel as she was still bent over and Rachel lands against the wall. As Rachel is weak against the wall Stacy rips Rachel's shirt off and turns around and walks it over to Shawn and sets it in his hand as he sits watching with a growing erection. As Stacy turns back around to go deliver more pain to Rachel she feels a kick to the stomach hit her as she wails. Rachel grabs her hair and pulls her in close and she gives a powerful uppercut to her opponent. Stacy is left standing groggy for a moment so Rachel follows suit and tears Stacy's shirt off. Both girls now square up again wearing less clothes than before. Stacy is wearing her polka dot bra and Rachel with her hot red bra. Rachel goes in low and sweeps Stacy off of her feet in a tackle and tries to pin her to the ground. She uses one hand to pin down Stacy and with the other hand she slides it down the stomach of Stacy and slowly pulls off her skirt leaving her now only in her bra and a thong. Stacy, very eager to get back at her opponent now calls Rachel a bitch and spits up in her face from the ground. Rachel smirks at Stacy as she cocks back and delievers a huge punch to Stacy's pretty face leaving her out cold. Rachel stands up in her skirt and exposed bra and looks back at Stacy laying spread eagle on the floor in her red bra and panties. Rachel walks over to Shawn who is looking more than turned on. She stands in front of him and swings her hair around and bends over as she slowly drops her own skirt now. She picks the skirt off of the floor and puts it around Shawns head as he inhales the smells of Rachel. As Shawn remains sitting, Rachel slowly lowers her head down approaching his bulging speedo. She kisses the speedo from the outside and shawn lets out a small moan. Suddenly something tight yanks on Rachels neck as she moans in pain. Stacy was standing behind Rachel and used her own unhooked bra to choke Rachel out. Stacy holds the choke on Rachel as she slowly looses consciousness and goes limp. Stacy lets rachels body fall as she now lays spread eagle on the ground in her underwear. Now stacy, weaing only her thong, picks up where rachel left off kissing Shawns bulge from outside his speedo. She uses her teeth to untie the drawstring as shawn moans again in agony. Stacy stops for a moment and takes Shawns hand and pulls him over to Rachels limp body laying on the ground. She positons Shawn so that he is on his knees with Rachels face right between his legs. Stacy thought it would be fun to rub it in Rachels face a little more by forcing her limp weak body thats not strong enough to move right now to just stare up between Shawns legs as Stacy pleases him. Stacy now uses her teeth and pulls Shawns speedo down reavealing his nine inch rock hard cock throbbing. Stacy gets on all fours over Rachels weak body and takes Shawn's cock into her mouth deep throating it. Shawn's moans get louder and louder as the blowjob continues. Rachel laying under Shawns package, opens her eyes for the first time in about 5 minutes and sees what is above her. She stares for a second, at Shawn's hairless muscular legs and his perfectly shaven crotch. She sees stacy taking in Shawn's cock making him moan loudly now. Rachel lifts her head up and takes Shawn's balls all into her mouth making him yelp in pleasure now. She fondles with them in her mouth hearing it effect Shawn. as Shawn approaches orgasm Rachel delivers a huge kick between Stacy's kegs making her yelp in pain as Rachel grabs a hold of Shawns cock shooting the cum right into Stacy's eyes making her yell. Stacy, who is very discombobulated, revieves a viscious knee to the face as Rachel knocks Stacy out again. Shawn, moaning in pleasure from the cum looks at Rachel, who is wearing a very naughty and horny look on her face. Rachel shoves Shawn to the ground and pulls his speedo off completely leaving him completely naked. She crawls over top of Shawns body and reaches behind shawn's head and lifts his head up between her legs as she sits over top of his face. Shawn licks and licks and pleases Rachel until she orgasms.
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