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Hi. My name is Dana. I am a happily married woman and would like to tell you about a catfight I had recently over my husband.

Corey is my husband and is a manager of a large moving company here in southern Florida where we live. We have been married for 4 years and are in love. When he came home one night and told me of the advances that his secretary had made I was incensed. I told him that I would “kick her ass right in front of him” the next time I was at his office. He got a smile on his face and said, “That’s what I thought you would say Honey. Come down to the office tomorrow at 5p.m. if you really want to do that. I will not mess around on our marriage but would love to see you in a fight.”
I agreed to do just that very thing. I got dressed up in a black skintight short dress with matching hose and heels. I don’t wear a bra very often and didn’t then. I am 5’7” have red shoulder length hair, green eyes, and am 38d 28 37.When I got to his office the bitch wasn’t around. Corey met me and we went into his office. He told me the bitch, Erica, had gone to the restroom and would be right back and that my timing was perfect. He called her into his office and as she came in he locked the door.
“What can I do for you Mr. Thomas?” she coyly asked as she slid up to him.
“Nothing for him you bitch” I said as I stood up.
“Who are you?” the bitch sneered at me as our eyes locked.
“I am his wife you little slut” I said as I walked up to her. And my name is Mrs. Corey Thomas if you have a need to know. Now, you can get the fuck away from my husband or I will kick your ass.” Erica is my height and looks about my weight. She has brown hair and blue eyes and is a 38C-26-36. She pushed up against me and said “What did you say to me bitch?”
“This slut” as I slapped her across her face. She held her cheek and then slapped me across my face. We both were screaming obscenities at each other as we locked our hands in the others hair and started yanking and pulling hard.
“Cunt.... Slut.... Whore” was a few names we called each other as we fought around Corey’s office. We were tangled up together and she grabbed my right tit and tripped me at the same time. I went down with her on top of me, clawing and raking at my tit. She had my dress torn away and was raking my nipple. I finally was able to claw at her eyes and get her off of me.
I looked over at Corey and said, “Don’t interfere no matter what happens okay?” He just smiled and nodded his head. I noticed he was stroking his cock through his work pants. I looked at Erica and she was staring at Corey.
“So, you want to fuck my man you cow, you won’t be fucking anything when I get done” She looked at me and laughed “Well come on cunt” she spat at me. We again grabbed for the others hair but this time I clawed at her tits first. She screamed as I raked my nails over them, gouging at her nipples through her dress and bra. I ripped at the fabric of her dress to get to her bra and yanked it down. Then I leaned into her and started biting her nipple. She was beating at my back and tits trying to get me off. We both stumbled to the floor again. We were rolling over and over, ripping at each other wherever we could. Finally, after we were both almost totally naked, I was able to punch her in the face, then claw at her tits and pussy at the same time. We were both crying but she said to please stop and she would leave and not come back. I got off of her, kicked her one more time and went to my husband’s arms. He rubbed my hair, kissed my face and said that I was fabulous.
That night I was too sore to make love but the next night we talked about the fight and ended up fucking all night long. This was a real fight. Hope you all enjoy it.


Cavalier Magazine Online
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