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Default Gina Carano vs Julia Budd

As much as I am a Gina Carano fan I do not think she could she has what it takes to defeat Julia Budd ina rematch . Julia just to much vs Olsen that I think Gina would get her ass kicked in the worst way . But who knows . And in a under ground match like the ones Raider writes it would be nice to see the out come .
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I think that Budd is at her peak, and has built herself up for MMA, possibly to take on Cyborg. Gina Carano has been spending her time losing a little weight and muscle to give her more of a "centrefold" body for the bit parts in movies she has been accepting. If they fought now, Budd would probably win, though no one disputes Gina's talent. Budd would use the same tactics as Cyborg did, fists, fists and more fists to the altogether more feminine body of Gina. If the ref stayed out of it, maybe we would get to see just how much punishment Gina Carano could take. I for one would love to see them fight, and relish seeing Gina taking another beating. Nobody takes a beating better.
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Couldn't agree with you more but I don't see a rematch happening un less your magic pen makes it happen. It be a great underground fight with not much clothes or referee interference.
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