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Smile My first catfight

My parents were divorced when I was around 4 years old. I went with my mother. My father had been having an affair for at least two years before the split and Dad moved in with that woman when he and Mom split. For the next three years, I spent every other weekend with Dad and "Mommy Sharon" but lived with Mom (whose name was Joyce). Mom was about 5'3" tall and was full hipped but small breasted. Sharon was just slightly taller but she had much larger breasts and a better all around figure. Mom would have been 32 when "it" happened and Joyce was a year younger. I was 7.

I was supposed to be home by 5PM on Sunday afternoon of the weekends I spent with Dad and Sharon. On this weekend, Dad was called into work Sunday afternoon and he had called Mom and told her that I may be late. Finally, around 8PM, he called Sharon and told her to go ahead and take me home. I guess Dad called Mom and told her that I was finally coming home. When we got to our house, Sharon was just going to let me out after she pulled up when Mom came out and called to her "It's about time, bitch". Sharon got out of the car and said "Who are you calling a bitch?". Mom said "Oh, sorry. You aren't a bitch. You're a home wrecking slut". Sharon went up to the front porch and got in Mom's face. They pushed into each other, primarily with breasts, for just a minute, name calling and threatening, and then they were at it.

This was a long time ago, and even then I had problems remembering exactly what happened. I do know that both women were wearing skirts and blouses (it was the early 60s) and they both went to the porch floor quickly. I remember that Mom went after Sharon's much larger breasts quickly, tearing her blouse and pulling her bra down. Sharon, though, grabbed at Mom's full pubic hair and pulled on it hard. After that, it seemed that both women were punching, hair pulling, breast clawing and pubic hair pulling. The fight lasted for what seemed like a long time but was actually probably around 5-7 minutes before our neighbors, both male and female, separated them. By that time, both women were very nearly naked and both were bleeding freely from deep scratches on breasts and between the legs, and both women had patches of pubic hair pulled out. They were also both bleeding from nose and lips and both had bruises on their faces as well.

Sharon, after much name calling and threatening, finally drove off in her car. Mom went into the bathroom to clean herself up. When she came out, she lit a cigarette and sat down with me to talk about what I had seen. She told me that she and Sharon had been in several fights before, and both wanted to finally finish it but they had always been separated before there was a winner. After the talk, she put me to bed.

I saw several more confrontations as I grew up, but I never actually saw them fight again, although I do know of at least two more times when Mom came home torn up from a fight with Sharon.

I never really mentioned it to Mom, but I was excited, even at 7, having watch them fight and I can recall masturbating over it years later. That was my introduction into women fighting
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