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Thumbs up Nasty apartment catfight...from Cavalier...

Cavalier Magazine Online

"When she opened the door, I said, 'Bitch, I'm here to teach you a lesson about stealing someone else's man. "

I have been enjoying your catfight section for quite a while and in my opinion Cavalier is doing an excellent job of giving catfight fans exciting letters and pictorials on the subject of catfighting. I have participated in several fights and I have handled myself pretty well, winning some and losing some.
A couple of months ago I was dating a guy named Danny, who was also seeing a blonde named Lisa. When I confronted Danny with what I had found out he said, "Laura, I tried to keep this thing a secret but you found out anyway, I suppose we're through." I was crushed at the whole affair, but I still loved Danny and I told him that we should suspend our relationship for a while.
The next day I went to Lisa's apartment. When she opened the door I said, "Bitch, I'm here to teach you a lesson about stealing someone else's man." She said she had been in a few tussles and said if I wanted to fight it out we could, but not at the moment because she had a previous engagement. We agreed that I would return that evening.
Promptly at eight I arrived at her apartment. She was dressed in a yellow bikini. It complimented her body very well. Lisa was twenty, stood five-seven, weighed 130 pounds and measured 36-24-35. My measurements are 38-25-34 and I am a blonde too. As I slid out of my blouse and jeans, I was nervous about facing her, but she didn't appear to be nervous about facing me. We agreed that there would be no rules, no time limit and that we would fight until one of us submitted to the other, or unless we were both unable to finish the battle.
We began by meeting in the center of the room and locking fingers in 'a test of strength. We were soon both straining, neither of us gaining an advantage when Lisa suddenly kicked me in my cunt! I was in great agony but somehow I managed to trip her. I dived on top of her and we rolled, bit, clawed and pulled hair for nearly ten minutes. Our hatred of each other was intense! I managed to straddle Lisa and began pounding her head up against a coffee table: She was trying desperately to free herself. She grabbed my hair and pulled me down next to her. We were both covered with sweat and bruises and almost ready to collapse, when I punched her in the tit making her scream in agony. She jumped up and yelled, "Bitch I'm going to tear your heart out for that!" I responded, "Cunt just try it, and I'll rip your pussy apart." We were both furious, and we rushed at each other snarling, yelling, clawing and kicking. We crashed together, both of us trying to over power the other. Somehow we managed to stay on our feet as we tossed and jerked across the room.
As if by instinct we separated. We were both covered with sweat and bruises and bites and scratches. Lisa and I crouched on the balls of our feet and suddenly in one quick motion she reached out and tore off my bra. I retaliated by pulling her bra off . Driven by mutual hatred we rushed at each other and immediately were locked together in a brutal bear hug. We both gave it everything we had as our tits smashed together. I managed to trip her and we both fell to the floor, still locked together and our legs were entwined. For a long time we were stalemated; neither gaining the advantage necessary to win. I was desperate, so I bit her in the left tit. That made her scream in agony. She began to punch me on my back and neck. I was in great pain but I kept my teeth in her tit and I enjoyed the taste of the sweat that covered her firm breast.
Suddenly she sunk her teeth into my tit making me scream in terror and pain. I know this sounds gross, but this is how we fought. The battle hurting both of us but neither of us wanted to give in. Suddenly I tasted blood in my mouth, I had pierced her boob with my teeth! The pain that Lisa was in spurred her into biting my tit which also bled. We separated and glared at each other fiercely, and I broke the stare by removing my panties allowing her to look at my glistening cunt. "C'mon slut, show me your box," I said. She replied that she was not a lesbian and that we were fighting because we hated - not loved - each other. She also said she didn't want to fight totally nude.
I lunged for her but the sweat and blood that covered our bodies made it hard for me to hold on to her. She turned around and ran upstairs and I followed right behind her, but she was too fast. She grabbed a flower pot and threw it at me, hitting me on the shoulder. I was stunned by the blow, but recovered quickly.
I was right behind her as she ran into her bedroom. I tackled her and we fell to the floor and rolled around the floor with our arms wrapped around each other. Our faces were only inches apart and I could feel her breath as she said, "Slut, when we finish this one of us won't be able to walk."
Instead of responding I bit her on the neck. Lisa screamed and struggled trying to dislodge my teeth, but I kept my teeth buried in Lisa's neck. Our tits, bruised and cut, were plastered together and Lisa was doing her best to get free. My hand slid down her body until it found her panties. She tensed as my hand came to rest on her pussy. I yanked her panties down and this infuriated her. She grabbed my cunt and wouldn't let go, so I grabbed her clit. We dug our nails deep into each other's pussy and I thought that the pain we were suffering would either leave us dead or sterilized for life. Lisa brought her other hand down and began digging into my cunt with both hands.
We both cried and groaned as the agony we were putting each other through was excruciating. I couldn't take it so I released her cunt and began pulling her hair and slapping her face unmercifully. So Lisa let go of my clit and began slapping my face and pulling my hair. We rolled around, scratching, biting and kicking. Communicating on a primal level we separated. We were both messes, hair pulled out, eyes blackened, tits and cunts bloodied but we still wanted to tear each other apart.
"Slut I'm going to kill you for what you've done to me," Lisa yelled. I honestly thought that we were going to sexually ruin each other for life before one of us submitted. Lisa gained an advantage and got me in a painful headlock. The filthy whore twisted my head vic¬iously, saying, "Give up yet bitch?"
"Fuck you, you fucking slut," I answered. She kept twisting my head until . I thought I was going to pass out.
Suddenly her arms began to tremble and shake as she concentrated on tightening her grip. I was on the verge of submitting when she released me; unable to maintain her hold. We were both glad to have separated. We used this time to wait for our strength to return. We sat on her bed and glared at each' other and I saw that her blonde hair was tom out in bloody clumps and that she was covered with scratches and bruises, ugly cuts and shiny sweat. I was in about the same shape. I asked Lisa if she'd "had enough,” and she replied that she'd never give up. Breaking our staring match, Lisa finally yelled, "Bitch you're tough, but you don't quite have what it takes to whip my ass!" .
I answered, "You filthy whore, I'll kill you." And we rushed at each other again.
The fury of the battle was unbelievable as we rolled around on the bed. This action caused us to fall off the bed, snarling, punching, yanking and clawing like two cats. As we hit the floor I was on top straddling Lisa, and I began to twist her tits. She moaned and grunted in agony as I continued to torture her. Suddenly she reached up and grabbed my boobs and began to squeeze them. We were both hurting tremendously, but we didn't seem to care and we were each determined to win the fight. The battle was taking a lot out of me, and I'm sure it was doing the same to Lisa. I finally gained an advantage and began to kick her on the side of the head, in the ribs, stomach, tits and cunt.
Finally Lisa gave up. I dressed and glanced at a clock and saw that we had been fighting for one hour and thirty- five minutes. I left Lisa sobbing and barely conscious. The next day I examined myself and saw that I was totally fucked up, my hair had almost been all yanked out, my cunt had been ruptured, my tits were scratched all to hell and I had scratches, cuts and bruises everywhere. I took three weeks off from work to recover from the fight. I'll give Lisa credit, the bitch was a tough fighter.
Danny and I are back together, and the day after the fight I went to his apartment and showed him my scars and bruises and he expressed pride that I had fought over him.
In a past issue of Cavalier one of your readers said that a woman's challenge to another is to appear topless. Another reader said that it is to cross your legs and let your opponent look at your panties with a touch of pubic hair showing. Which is right? Also, to the person who has a list of catfight films, please have it printed. And finally how about a rematch between Pam and Gloria?
Laura, Illinois.

Cavalier Magazine Online
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Mr. Cavalier I love the you bring back the old letters they wre great. The letter I like the most was a mother/daughter fight where the daughter did a number on the mother cutting her hair dying it screwing her with a cucumber and from then on the daughter ruled the house. Her friend use come over and the daughter made the mother have lesbian sex with her .
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