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Default Nikki vs Amber: Erotic Kickboxing 2

Thanks for the positive response to my last's part 2 where topless kickboxer Nikki fights again:

Nikki’s bare foot slapped the heavy bag.
The blond grunted as the sole of her foot exploded against the leather again. She shifted her stance and threw a few jabs. Each blow struck home and she leaned in close and threw a sharp knee to the bag’s center.
Drenched in sweat now, Nikki paused to inhale hard. She jumped in place for a second and then rested, boxing gloves on her knees. Wiping sweat away from her eyes she saw her reflection in her full-length mirror.
“Damn,” she said between breaths, “Lookin’ good, girl!” Dressed in skin-tight red running shorts and nothing else, she posed for herself, admiring how perky her breasts looked; how much firmer her tanned core had grown since her last fight. She struck a victory pose, boxing gloves raised high, one bare foot planted on an imaginary opponent, hips thrust out.
“I’m not going to lose this time,” she said.

Nikki had been haunted by her defeat at the hands of the sexfight club’s champion, Megan, two months ago in her first erotic kickboxing match. The girls met in the ring and fought until one girl was knocked out - Nikki. The girls had beaten each other senseless: kicks to bare breasts, bellies, thighs, face even. Punches hit hard too - Nikki reddened as she remembered the sting of Megan’s leather glove on her chaffed nipples. That bitch had even slammed a few cheap shots to her crotch when she got the chance. it didn’t matter though - the rules for erotic kickboxing were simple: punches, kicks and knees to all parts of the body were legal.

Nikki ripped off a boxing glove and threw it at the swinging heavy bag. She was banned from her regulation kickboxing gym after word leaked of her dirty fight. She had taken to training in her basement now, obsessed with getting revenge on the brunette bitch who humiliated her last time.

She demanded a rematch from the club’s promoter but was denied.
“Megan beat you bad last time, baby,” he said grinning, “You gotta earn the right to fight her again.” He showed Nikki a photo of another slightly younger girl, a soft-looking redhead with milk-white skin and huge breasts.

“She’s cute,” Nikki sneered, “Does she need a baby-sitter?”
“This is Amber,” the promoter said, “And she’s got 3 wins under her belt, all KOs by kicks to the head. She’s got real skill in kickboxing and she’ll gladly fight you if you think you’re ready.”
Nikki laughed and tossed her hair. “Bring her on.”

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Looking forward to the story Dark, take your time!

A group dedicated to big boobs being squashed by or under feet
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Excellent, I look forward to the completion of this match.

Also, will we ever see Nikki's first kickboxing match? It as mentioned in the first story that while it was her first Erotic Kickboxing Match, it was her second match.
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Great story. Deserves to stay up near the top where it will get noticed!
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Thanks for being patient guys...I'm back to work on this story.
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Nikki sat alone in her darkened dressing room. She could hear the crowd getting pumped outside in the club. She was ready to kickbox. Her customized Muay Thai shorts felt good as she adjusted the tight elastic waistband. Black shorts with metallic silver stripes down the side, cut high enough to give anyone a free show when she kicked. She punched her black leather gloves together and rubbed her breasts for a minute. She knew that her tits would be receiving some serious punishment in only a few minutes. She took a moment to rub the soles of her feet with her gloves too, imagining how good it was going to feel to kick the shit out of her opponent with her sexy size 9s.

Bass pulsed and music thrummed as Nikki walked down the short aisle into the main stage of the club. Cheers went up as she approached, and she held her arms up to the crowd, giving her ass a little shake to the hooting cat-calls of the fans.

In the ring stood her opponent, Amber. The redhead was decked out in green satin trunks with black stripes, cut so high they were practically nonexistent. She bounced back and forth on the balls of her feet and threw some air jabs Nikki’s way. She was beautiful; long creamy-white legs, big natural breasts with rock-hard nipples, long wavy red hair, multi-colored tattoo sleeves on both arms.

Nikki kept her eyes fixed into the redhead’s as she climbed into the ring and slowly walked to her corner. Amber winked, eyeing Nikki from head to toe, visibly licking her full lips and hitting her red boxing gloves together. Nikki smirked as she noticed Amber’s belly bulging slightly over her elastic waistband. The redhead was in great shape no doubt, but was definitely softer overall.

Both girls were eager to come together in the center of the ring. Nikki totally blocked out the ref’s rules and introductions: she kept making good eye contact with her opponent and then touched gloves. Both girls were grinning ear to ear as they faced each other.

“I’m going to use your boobs for punching bags,” said Nikki.
Amber giggled and pushed her ample breasts together with her gloves. “I dare you to try. You better watch out for your own tits, honey...”
The redhead threw up her knee as if to throw a kick. Nikki darted back, throwing up her gloves. Amber lowered her foot and giggled again. “Made you look...” she chided, walking back to her corner.
Stupid bitch, thought Nikki, walking back to her own corner and waiting for the bell.

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Amber slowly sauntered out of her corner and stepped towards Nikki. Nikki slowed her pace to match her opponent’s, her gloves in front of her chest at the ready. Amber got within range and let loose a jab aimed at Nikki’s right boob. Nikki deflected the punch and countered with a shot to the redhead’s jaw. Her glove was slapped down immediately and Amber attacked with a low kick. Nikki raised her leg and blocked the calf kick.

Both girls backed up, frustrated at the evenly matched skill of their opponents.

Nikki lunged in with a push kick, catching Amber in the belly with a satisfying slap! Amber let out a soft sigh and tried to block Nikki’s next punch but failed. Amber reeled back from two hard jabs to the jaw and blocked a shin kick. Immediately the redhead backed away, slowing the pace of the fight down.

Nikki closed the distance between the girls and was met with a hard slap kick to her inner thigh. She winced and backed away, chiding herself for being too rash. Amber’s fighting stance was sexy as hell, she thought, but it’s going to get her ass kicked. The redhead had her gloves up just under her plump breasts; her hips thrust forward a little, one hot bare foot perched on the toes, bobbing up and down almost like she was dancing.

Feigning a straight punch to the chin, Nikki followed with a good front kick aimed at Amber’s belly. Again the redhead absorbed the kick and backed up towards the ropes.

“C’mon bitch,” Nikki yelled, “You wanna fight or what?”

Amber just pursed her lips and smiled, sinking a little lower in her stance. Nikki stepped in and threw a combination of jabs and hooks to the body. Amber grunted as most of the punches connected, Nikki’s gloves pushing the redhead’s tits around her chest. Nikki jabbed again to Amber’s right boob - the leather glove smacked hard against the erect nipple and Amber grimaced.

“What’s wrong with you?” Nikki growled, “Fight back!”

Amber giggled and retreated again, her bare feet shuffling on the canvas. This little bitch wants to play, Nikki thought, let’s play. Nikki put her gloves up and reached her foot out, aiming a vicious heel kick straight for her opponent’s crotch.

Amber kicked Nikki’s foot down with her own and braced herself. Nikki readied herself for another attack but was stopped cold as Amber’s bare foot suddenly slapped her across the face - a lightning quick high kick from out of nowhere.

Nikki cried out in pain and shock as Amber’s smooth sole raked across her cheek, nose, finally lips. She could smell the sweaty foot as it slapped her, and she dropped to her knees, holding her cheek with her glove. How had that bitch been so fast? I didn’t even see her foot coming! Nikki thought, desperately trying to regain her balance. She tried to stand but fell instantly to the canvas, her ears ringing.

Amber stood over her, arms raised in victory. “That’s why, you overconfident slut,” she mocked, kicking out at Nikki, the ball of her foot catching the blond in the mouth and knocking her flat on her back.

The referee dashed in and pushed Amber back to her corner and began the count-down. Nikki’s cheeks burned with humiliation and rage. She had been tricked; that soft-looking bitch had a nasty high kick. She got to her knees at the count of 4 and stood on wobbly legs, her gloved hands groping at the ropes to stay up.

At the count of 8 the bell rang, saving her from more punishment at the hands of the redheaded high-kicker.

Nikki struggled to her corner and sat down on her stool, her head still throbbing. She glanced across the ring and watched as Amber threw her leg up on the ropes and did some dirty stretching. She winked at Nikki as she ran her boxing glove down her leg, ending in a brief but sexy crotch rub.

Nikki breathed hard and tried to collect herself. The club was filled with cat-calls and hollering drunks, white-hot spotlights and the smell of sweat. She focused on Amber, sitting smugly on her stool across the ring, sticking her tongue out at Nikki.

I need to teach this little bitch a lesson, thought Nikki. She doesn’t have much skill or stamina, just that goddamn kick. I’m gonna make her sorry she ever stepped in the ring with me...
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I must say it's nice to see a well thought out, and well written, story series here. It's a nice take on the overall genre with a bit of a unique setting. Well done.
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It does grab you. I'm looking forward to Round 2, and hope Nikki has decided to do her own face kicking, using it to both beat Amber's face and expose Amber's breasts to attack by Nikki.
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