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Anyone see the Festelle video with the black and white women fighting topless? Both are fairly fat, and they just keep slugging each other in the belly forever. They're both sweaty, bent over and breathing hard. It's great.

I remember seeing photos from a shoot once with b&w women boxing nude. Their boobs were ENORMOUS and it was all shot from the floor. Truly awesome.

I for one like it...the way the skin colors contrast is great. Two very dark black women fighting is confusing's difficult to see what's where. I love the way sweat beads up on black women and shimmers on their skin. You can't see that on very light skin tones except in specific lighting conditions. Unfortunately it's difficult to see that same sweat in their hair, whereas whites and Asians get sweaty/sticky hair more easily. Light-skinned black women and dark asians are sort of the best of both worlds though...good skin tone that doesn't need extra lighting, hair that's good for pulling, etc.
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Statistically in USA black are poorer and more faintly educated. Part with them lives in anxious districts. Some girls from childhood meet with violence and have to learn to fight. I think that black girls have to fight more often. Therefore I think that statistical black girl will beat white girl, if they will be similar size and age. Environment decides here. Differently when both girls be bring up in similar environments. Race not important then.

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Default You mean this one?

Originally Posted by sierra View Post
I remember seeing photos from a shoot once with b&w women boxing nude. Their boobs were ENORMOUS and it was all shot from the floor. Truly awesome.

Danni Ashe vs. Ebony Ayes (Napali Video)

From the Apartment House Wrestling Gallery.
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I think most times black women are physically stronger than white women (by even height, weight, age). But I don't think that a black women will win against a white woman in every case, but the white woman have to be much more skilled to defeat a blck woman.
I sa lots of black vs white matches and most of them (maybe around 80-90 %) saw the black women win the fight. There are only a few exceptions.

In most of the videos I've seen the upper body strength of the black female was the reason for her victory. I know a lot of videos where the black woman totally dominates the white woman, but only a very small size of videos the other way round...
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There is everytime a reason for 2 beautiful women to wrestle!
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Having witnessed at first hand and (sometimes) helped arrange over a hundred competitive matches between women, I can say that when black girls fight white girls, the black girls win around two out of every three. I wouldn't put it as high as 80 or 90%, but they do win the majority. This shouldn't be taken out of context as I've witnessed many white women defeat their black rivals, sometimes with ease. In fact my friend Claire Natalie ended the long unbeaten run of black favourite Bliss who worked for Festelle for many years (although it was far from easy).

Black girls in wrestling tend to be stronger or more athletic - no guarantee of victory, but a good start - but quite why they are that way is hard to say. It may be connected to their background as some have suggested, or it may be a genetic or racial propensity to develop muscle and agility at a greater rate. It may be both of these factors - or neither of them. Either way, long may these great sporting rivalries continue...
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Thanks, fightfansteve! That's what I was looking for!

I used the name you gave to find the video to go along with it...not very realistic but that's ok.
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That is just the perception
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I have some direct experience and the black women who have worked for me, without exception, are in general no stronger, tougher, meaner, or more aggressive than women of European descent or Asian women. Maybe I can get a fan to actually measure the results we've had...

It is always wrong to generalize, as exceptions always manifest, but in my personal experience is that the women from Mexico and Latin America have been more willing to absorb pain and have more derived more enjoyment from tough, rough fighting than any other ethnicity.
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Hi Bruce,

yeah, that's exactly what I think about that. I've seen most of the Academy matches where a black girl fights a white girl and I think there was a small plus for the black girls but not like dominating all white girls without exception.

I think it depends on the point of view. I'm not sure about that, but I think most people finds it more erotic to see a blonde women getting dominated by a black woman than the other way round. I don't know why, but I know from many other forums where the question black vs. white is always discussed, that there are many people who wants to see the domination of the white woman. To be honest: I'm one of them but nevertheless I really like to watch movies in general with interracial fights (not only black vs. white). In case of Academy e.g. I love the fights of Crimson, espacially those where she totally dominates a blonde woman (her fight against Rose Madiera was wonderful, the same with her matches against Lexxus Lee, Leianna, Chantel Lace, Ariel Bilbao and Sabrina Snow).

When I put all black vs. white matches I've ever seen together, there are only a few fights in which the white woman wins. Nevertheless there are many movies where both women are equally matched and the fight was very even.

I'm with the comment from rockhead - the most important thing is that the sporting rivalties continues...Wrestling matches with contrasts in skin colour are something special to watch - but in the end it's only a wrestling match like a match between two blonde girls. But I have to be honest: It's always nice to discuss about those matches, even if it's everytime the same - in nearly every forum
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Originally Posted by caldera View Post
On the subject of black females vs white females in catfights, i find that the black female wins most of the time. Does anyone share this view or do you disagree?

The main reason white girls have a difficult time against black girls in fighting such as boxing and wrestling is because they aren’t as fast on their feet or with their hands. I think the best fights or contests are between black girls vs. white girls. It always adds more excitement to see who is better.
I’ve witnessed quite a few matches both on film or in school. More recently I worked with a girl who I now am now married to who I encouraged to both box and wrestle. She’s in pretty good condition although she was not great is sports in high school and college. She’s twenty-five and does some aerobics and some light weight training to keep solid. Michelle is Irish and has light skin and her hair is kept short sort of a pixie cut.
A friend of hers she went to computer school with named Kim is the perfect opponent for Michelle being her height and weight. They get along quite well and she always invites her over to our place to sit out in the sun by the pool so suggesting they go at it wasn’t hard initially. Kim is black and twenty-one years old so I always say it’s knowledge versus youth although four years is virtually the same I think. Kim is very pretty too which makes it great too watch and she has a super body on her.
They’ve had a lot of matches that I will post and I really consider myself lucky to have a wife willing to have matches with her friend that I can take photos and movie clips of.
The first initial skirmish which was just a fun thing in the kitchen between them at out house was over using a remote for the television that was on. Both were in bikinis and taking a break from sunning outside. Michelle tried to grab the remote from Kim and an arm battle ensued with them laughing and giggling for control. I really egged Michelle on to get Kim to show her “who was boss” so to speak. They had a little sun oil on them so they were slippery but Kim was the faster one quickly putting on a great full-nelson hold on Michelle. Michelle looked embarrassed as Kim walked her into the adjoining living room all the while trying to get free. Michelle looked funny flailing her arms around trying to get out. Kim laughing told Michelle, “You might as well give because you aren’t getting out of this honey” and I was sure she was right. Seeing this with both of them in their bikinis was such a turn on. Kim applied more pressure to the back of Michelle’s neck to try and force a submission from her. Michelle perplexed had no way out and Kim’s pressure finally got to her and she gave up. Michelle was more embarrassed than hurt with that submission but she did get a hurting put on her with that hold. It is a hard one to get out of and that was the first physical contest they had and I thought it was great.
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