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Default Any good fat girl vs thin girl wrestling matches?

I couldn't find many of these with a pretty thin girl beating an overweight girl.
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Default Donna beats big mary!

Donna Foot Smothers Big Mary!!!
I know that this is not so politically correct these days, and I also know it is not everyones cup of tea on this board. I feel and want to share this true story because it excites me so much, and I hope others like it too. I absolutely love when a tall slender gorgeous woman beats up and humiliates a not so good looking much bigger woman, and uses her feet while doing it. Donna, in this case is the gorgeous woman. I have written about her on this board often. She is very fit and sexy, long legged, long haired blonde woman with blue eyes. She is about 5'7 and 130 pounds with very nice legs and very pretty feet. She swims, runs, kick boxes and does karate along with aerobics to stay in such good shape. Years ago, I got her into apartment wrestling and catfighting. She beats many women, until I matched her up with another friends wife Nancy. Nancy is also pretty and sexy, so watching them battle on the mats was a real treat. Nancy beat her, and to top it off, Nancy stepped on her chest, and then stuck both her bare feet into Donna's face foot smothering her. Donna said her feet really smelled, and she was humiliated! Donna wanted, and then got revenge on Nancy, and loved making her smell her sweaty feet. From that point on, Donna wanted to make other opponents smell her feet! After the Nancy revenge match, about 6 weeks after, Donna got her wish and had her chance. There was this big woman at her work that was really bothering her. She was a new arogant loud mouthed employee. Mary was the same age as Donna, late 40's, but at 5'6 225 pounds, she was much much bigger, and fatter. She had sort of a biker chick past, so she thought she was so tough. Donna grew more sick of the short haired brunette as time went on, and they got in each others face often. That is until Donna said, if you think your so tough meet me at my gym, and she did. I came to watch, as did some people from Donna's work. Donna is a high salaried executive, not trailer trash, Mary was support staff. They square off, Donna was in a white gi, her gorgeous bare feet painted light pink. Mary was in a black Harley t-shirt, black shorts, wide bare feet un-painted. Donna was much lighter, but so much more athletic, quicker, faster, and trained in martial arts, a green belt in karate. From the beginning Mary was just a kicking bag, trying to punch and grab, but she couldn't catch Donna. Donna landed a right side kick to her ear, another to her cheek, a left kick to her chest, a left kick to her other ear. Donna was kicking the crap out of her. Straight kick to the stomache, right kick to her left thigh, followed by another and another. A high side kick to her right cheek, followed by two kicks to the stomache. Mary punched and swatted at her legs and feet, and really tried to punch her face. As Mary tried to slap at her legs, Donna raised her right foot fast and connected with a front kick directly in her face, pop! Mary was dazed and loopy. What does Donna do? She uses the same foot to kick her flush in the face again harder! It was like slow motion too! To see her sexy foot connect with the ugly face so hard was stunning! Mary crashed on to her back. Donna stomps on her fat belly with her right bare foot, then the left, then the right, again and again. She was trampling her in front of me and several co-workers. Mary was crying now. Donna said, I don't want to hear that, and stepped on her breasts hard and then her face flush with her pretty sexy sweaty left foot. She pressed the foot into her nose and mouth! Smell good? Like my foot on your face, huh, how does it feel, how does it smell, huh? She rubbed it in the losing big mouthed womans face! Like my foot? Just as Nancy had done to her, she was humiliating Mary under her pretty but very smelly bare foot! Donna switched feet, put that foot in her face, smell it!!!! I want to hear you smell it!! Lick it now!!! Lick it bitch!!! Mary shook but just did as she was told. Donna smothered her face under the right foot, and than the left!! Mary's face was wet with tears and Donna's foot sweat! Donna loved having her face under her bare feet! It really turned her on, watching this ugly woman that she hated, crying under her sexy feet! Donna laughed at her, and loved humiliating her, and she loved looking at her feet on her face! Donna has had other fights, and has even stepped on my face and my wife's face at different times. Mary, my wife and I have all experienced the sexy blonde's feet. I, HOWEVER, WAS THE ONLY ONE OF THIS GROUP TO ENJOY THEM!!!! IF YOU CARE, THERE ARE PICTURES OF DONNA'S SEXY DOMINANT FEET HERE IN THE STORIES SECTION. LOOK FOR THREAD........ DONNA foot smothers LAUREN, and there are pictures there!!!!

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