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Default Cat vs. Miko Fantasy Match Review Cat vs. Miko Fantasy Match Review
By: David Tees (, Trash Talk Forums - Powered by vBulletin & - MMA, BOXING, WRESTLING, WWE, UFC, TNA, NEWS, Online Radio & TV)

Kick Ass Girlz Attire/Record

Cat: Leopard Print Bikini (0-0-0)
Miko: White Bikini (0-0-0)

In this best three out of five falls match, Cat will face Miko to see who will start their KAG Fantasy career undefeated.

The match starts with Miko quickly forcing Cat to the ground, Miko then applies the head scissors to a struggling Cat. Miko releases the hold to apply the camel clutch to Cat, Miko then forces Cat to lay on her back while Miko starts choking her. Cat breaks free and applies the body scissors with hair pulling on Miko, Miko bites Cats leg to break free and then shoves her to the ground.

Miko then uses a modified German suplex on Cat and then pins her to win the first fall, the battle continues with Cat assaulting Miko with a choke and belly punches. Miko reverses things and gets on top of Cat to choke her, Miko then applies the body scissors with hair pull to Cat. Cat struggles to break free before applying the camel clutch to Miko, Cat tries to pin Miko and fails to pin her.

Miko recovers to use an arm drag on Cat before pinning her to earn the second fall, the match continues with Cat applying the head scissors to Miko. Cat then uses Miko’s own long hair to choke her, Cat then quickly pins Miko to win the third fall of the contest.

Already down two to one, will Cat be able to make a comeback against Miko?

Match Thoughts: This was a pretty entertaining battle throughout, with both girls trash talking to the other about who is the better Asian wrestler. Miko continues to be the best trash talker in all of Kick Ass Girls, because she even trash talks as she is being pinned.

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