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Default Cali vs. Chrissy II Erotic Match Review Cali vs. Chrissy II Erotic Match Review
By: David Tees - -

Kick Ass Girlz Attire/Erotic Match Record

Cali: Black Top/White Bottom Bikini (4-0-0)
Chrissy: Black Bikini (0-1-0)

In the KAG Erotic rematch, will Chrissy be able to get revenge on the undefeated Cali?

The match begins with Chrissy hitting Cali with a multitude of belly punches, Cali takes her turn and hits Chrissy with some belly punches. Chrissy then forces Cali up against the wall to hit her with more belly punches, Cali returns the favor by whaling at Chrissy’s belly with punches. The girls start a little shoving contest that ends with Cali assaulting Chrissy with belly punches, Cali then removes Chrissy’s bikini top.

Cali then resumes hitting Chrissy with a ton of belly punches, Cali eventually takes a break from belly punching Chrissy for some breast slapping. Cali then resumes punishing Chrissy with belly punches until she briefly drops to the ground, Cali picks Chrissy up to hit her with more belly punches. Cali then drops Chrissy a second time with belly punches, Cali then picks up Chrissy again to knee strike her in the belly.

As the belly punching war rages on, can Chrissy make a comeback against Cali?

Match Thoughts: This match may have made a personal history for myself for KAG reviews, as I believe it was the first time the term “breast slap” was used in one of my reviews. While we have seen Cali in all forms of KAG and KOG matches, Chrissy has only been in KAG Erotic Matches, so it would be interesting to see her in other types of matches on the sites.

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